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I am delighted that you have perceived the inner calling of your soul! You are looking for answers? Or you want to evolve? Get out of the ordinary day-to-day life and into the presence of your soul? Whatever it is that leads you to me, I am happy to guide you on your way. Be it through spiritual counseling, teaching (eg "The New Lightbody® - basic", meditation techniques, get in touch with angels, masters, space commandership aso), healing or acquisition of one of my energy paintings. All requests will be answered per e-mail.

Your advantage:

Our meeting place takes virtually, in your living room or wherever you are located right now! Communication will be in German or English.

If you want to honour and support my spiritual work, my fauna and flora projects on planet Earth I will be very grateful for a donation. In thanks I will transmite energy to you.

Still got questions? Simply contact me via email.

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